Daily Update: April 21, 2020

Welcome back from Passover! Phase II is now just starting to roll out regularly scheduled deliveries at hospital units across the country.

This week, we have already fed 410 new healthcare heroes, bringing our totals to:

6,340 healthcare heroes fed

9,306 meals delivered

178 hospital units served

$74,251 raised

You may have noticed some new fundraising tech on our site. The amazing team at GiveButter is working closely with team Kosher19 in order to do a whole slew of new things, including:

Recurring Donations! Make it easier for us to send regular deliveries by giving regularly. Wether you choose to feed a single hero or an entire hospital, we hope you will consider making it a monthly recurring donation.

Teams! Give to Boston or DC or any others (or create your own) so that we can track your local donations and better serve your local community. If we know we have more regular funding from a particular place, it certainly makes it easier to send more meals more often.

Tracking! We will better know what is coming in from who, how, when and why.

Acknowledgement! We want to make sure you are properly and legally thanked for your donation. Also, you may have wanted to send someone else notice of a donation in their honor or in someone's memory – now you can.

Live Events! Coming soon we hope to host all kinds of live events, including concerts, trivia, and more. Have an idea or act - let us know.

We have more announcements coming soon - so keep following, sharing, and of course donating!

-Team Kosher19

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