Daily Update: April 22, 2020

Today, the Kosher19 team sent out meals to three hospital units, 25 people were fed at Detroit Medical Center, 20 people were fed at Medical City of Plano, Texas, and 50 people were fed at Methodist Hospital of Dallas. So far that bring us to:

6,435 healthcare heroes fed

9,401 meals delivered

183 hospital units served

$75,570 raised

Sometimes, when we send our initial confirmations to healthcare workers at a scheduled location, we hear back that they need to reschedule. It could mean anything from having the right people around, or other orders are coming in, or they just can't accept a delivery right then. Whatever the reason, it get's reflected in how we report numbers. Sometimes we have big days (see tomorrow), and sometimes we have smaller, but just as important, days like today.

Working on this project everyday gives us a sense of hope and optimism, even in these truly difficult times. Having something positive to focus on is helpful – Thank you Thank you Thank you to all our frontline healthcare workers.


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