Daily Update: April 3, 2020

Phase II

As we enter week two, I am reminded hour by hour of the important work we are all doing because of your generosity. Giving our frontline healthcare workers much-needed nourishment could be the difference between life and death for patients and caregivers alike.

So far, we have made an astonishing contribution to the wellbeing, both physical and phycological, of healthcare workers we help thanks to YOUR help!

- 4,500+ frontline healthcare workers fed
- 7,000+ slices of pizza eaten
- 120+ hospital units delivered to
- $54,184 raised

Originally we set our GoFundMe goal at $18,000, which was met in just three days. We've raised our goal to $100,000!

We (Team Kosher19) are in the process of envisioning what we want Kosher19 to do and be in the coming weeks and months. Team Kosher19 includes me, Bethany Mandel, with a HEAVY assist from Dave Weinberg of Gently Ventures and Dani Klein of YeahThatsKosher. More to come on some long-term vision soon!

We've decided, for the sake of our sanity as we have rapidly expanded, that instead of taking every single request that comes in, we will assign hospitals (including various units we send to) to a calendar where we will send regular deliveries on a schedule. This will allow us to do a few things:

> Follow through on our commitments
> Develop deep relationships with both our chosen restaurant partners and hospitals - making each side easier to work with
> Understand our own capabilities and put guide rails in place to ensure none of us burn out
> Fundraise beyond grassroots initiatives thereby ensuring our long-term sustainability potential.

Starting Sunday, we will take down the intake form and put up an initial hospital delivery schedule. This new schedule will be based on the needs we have seen and heard over the past days. We will also communicate this plan with our most reliable, and easiest to work with restaurant vendors around the country to ensure a smooth and consistent customer experience. Having a regular standing order -- only changing the delivery location -- will ensure on-time deliveries and both happy restaurateurs and happy hospital staff. We will have a nomination form for "wild card" daily deliveries around the country, as well.

Thank you so much for your support thus far! Please keep sharing our mission and expand our supporter base!

With love,
Team Kosher19 (Bethany, Dave & Dani)

Happy staff today at Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, NJ
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